Wives: How Well Do You Treat Your Husband? Take This Quiz

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All that a husband really wants is to be pitied a little, praised a little, and appreciated a little.

                                                                                                         Oliver Goldsmith

iStock_000049031134Small A few weeks ago I did a post titled “Husbands: How Well Do You Treat Your Wife? Take This Quiz,” so now turnabout is fair play.

These questions will not be identical to the ones posed to your husbands, because notwithstanding all of the calls for total equality between the sexes, there actually are differences between men and women.

Men, for lack of a better term, are a little less complicated than women.

As such, you wives only need to answer the following three questions to see how you measure up:

  1. How often do you cook for your husband:
    1. Every day or most days
    2. Occasionally
    3. Rarely or never
  2. How often do you have sex with your husband:
    1. Very frequently
    2. Occasionally
    3. Rarely or never
  3. How much do you talk to your husband:
    1. Only when I am praising him or answering a direct question
    2. Occasionally
    3. Incessantly

Well, let’s tally your results!

If you answered mostly b., then you are a good wife, and mostly a., an exceptional wife. If you answered mostly c., then I have a news flash for you, your husband is terribly unhappy and you have much room for improvement. Somehow, after all these years, you have failed to realize that all that men want from their wives is food, sex, and a lack of inane and useless chatter.

I hope this quiz helps you better understand the unusual creature (a man) you chose to commit your life to!

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  1. Beth Difrank says:

    Even though I don’t have a husband, thought this was very funny- it’s all quite simple Tim , isn’t it!!

  2. Ed deMartin says:

    Tim- none of your business Marie

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