What Would Your Game of Thrones Title Be?

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Daenerys 1Elaine and I have been binge watching the HBO series Game of Thrones, and it is awesome. My favorite TV series of all time used to be Breaking Bad, but I think Game of Thrones is even a little better. We started watching it after I heard a comedian joke, “Hey, I actually met a person yesterday who has never seen an episode of Game of Thrones!” I figured it must be pretty good if so many people are watching it, and it is.

The series contains a lot of good story lines, but my favorite is the one involving a queen called Daenerys. She has royal bloodlines and is conquering other kingdoms, while at the same time liberating all of their slaves. The coolest thing about her, though, is the long title she has. I’ll give you an example of a typical scene.

Daenerys, who is a tiny little blond chick, gets captured by a horde of savages. She is taken to their village to bow to their leaders. They ask who she is, and she firmly states, “I am Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, Queen of the Andels and the First Men, the Unburnt, Breaker of Chains, Queen of Meereen, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, and Mother of Dragons!”

The savages laugh heartily, and say how they are all going to rape and sodomized her, and throw what is left to the wolves. She replies that they must all die now, promptly after which she will return to her kingdom and continue to rule and conquer more kingdoms. This causes them to laugh even more heartily.

Then she pushes over all of the torches lighting the large tent they are in, engulfing it in flames. She stares at them icily as they are all burned alive, incredulous and screaming. She soon emerges from the tent completely unscathed (“the Unburnt”), to the astonishment and reverence of the assembled people of the village. All hail the Queen!

Bad ass!

I was thinking I want to have a cool, long title like Daenerys.

So now when I meet new people, say at a cocktail party, and they ask my name, I will reply: “I am Tim of the House McIntyre, Betrothed to Lady Elaine, Beastmaster to Anderson, Graduate of the Golden Dome, the Unhinged, Lord of the Health Club, Master of Coin for the Household, and Blogger to the Masses!”

Now that should get me some interesting looks!

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  1. Bob and Ellyn says:

    Very funny Tim. I like your name. We have seen a few episodes.

  2. Jason Harden says:

    What about my name Jason Harden can you make a title out od this for me?

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