What is the Central Focus of Your Existence?

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What is the Central Focus of Your Existence?

I think everyone chooses, through their actions, what the primary focus of their life is. What do you most desire and seek, as you pass through your short time here on earth?

Here is a continuum I’ve created to help you determine what it is you most value:

Self-focused Power Authority, influence, praise, validation, status, fame, money, accumulation
Self and other Knowledge Learning, judgment, wisdom, enlightenment; generating new ideas, insights and knowledge
Other-focused Benevolence Compassion, helpfulness, caring, generosity, sympathy, empathy, humanity

It would be easy to dismiss this lightly, by concluding that you spend some time in all three categories. This is likely true of most or all of us.

But on which activities do you spend the lion’s share of your time? You may want to be helpful, and show others empathy and humanity, but if you spend most of your time chasing titles, promotions and money, then that is in fact your life. I don’t mean this as necessarily a bad thing, just a fact.

This is our one and only shot at life. We are all in charge—the navigator, and the captain, of our brief existences here. In all our actions and behaviors, we might decide to choose more wisely.

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TIM MCINTYRE retired in 2004 from his position as president of Applied Systems after facilitating a successful sale of the company. At only forty-six years old, he made the unusual decision to fully retire to pursue other interests and simply enjoy free time. As a hard-driving Type A personality, this turned out to be a significant challenge for the Notre Dame and University of Chicago-educated MBA, CPA, and Certified Cash Manager.

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