What Got You Bullied as a Child Makes You Unique as an Adult

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While we have the gift of life, it seems to me the only tragedy is to allow part of us to die—whether it is our spirit, our creativity, or our glorious uniqueness.

Gilda Radner

Life isn't perfect but at least my hair is

Many of us were bullied as children, for the simple offense of just being different. Anything that caused you to stick out from others made you a target for the mean kids, and it seemed like there were an awful lot of mean kids.

In my case, I was one of the better students, and I was also a sensitive and nervous kid. When I was placed in the “advanced class” in junior high, a few of the tough and athletic kids in the class of average students sought me out as a target. It wasn’t fun being singled out in this way and it caused me a lot suffering.

Was there something about you that made you the target of bullies in school? Maybe you were quite shy, a little overweight, unusually tall for your age, or had bright red hair. The list is almost endless.

Yet now, as an adult, these same characteristics that made you a target for bullies as a child now make you unique and special. Not only that, they make you you.

As an adult, it is nice to be smart! It makes everything easier and is one factor for potentially greater career success. Being sensitive is also a wonderful gift, because it provides empathy and compassion for others, which make for better personal and work relationships. Being shy can be very endearing and makes you a good listener and companion. Adults who have curves and are not “stick thin” often rock their body types as adults with their sexiness, style, and self-confidence. And how cool is it to walk into a party and be noticed by everyone, due to your tall stature or flaming red hair!

The lesson is this: embrace your uniqueness as an adult and celebrate it in your children!

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