The Wonderful, Fantastic, Undeniable Power of Prayer

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In my recent post “Will You Pray With Me For My Little Doggie?” I asked my readers to please pray for my dog Munson, who has been very ill lately and was suffering from an eye ulcer that refused to heal. I was blown away by the number of people who read the article and promised to help pray for him—it was the most widely read post I’ve ever had, with hundreds of hits!

A few weeks ago our veterinarian stitched Munson’s badly ulcerated eye shut. He said we needed to keep it stitched shut for about three weeks in the hope that the ulcer might finally begin to heal. He warned us, however, that we will have no way of knowing what is happening behind the stitching until we open it up. He said sometimes the eye can get much worse, in which case we would need to go to a veterinary opthamologist to see what, if anything, could be done for him. It was a scary prospect.

During the period his eye was shut, Munson didn’t seem himself. He would try to rub his eye incessantly, so we had to keep a cone on his head at all times to prevent him from causing further damage. Some nights he got up in the middle of the night and whimpered, in which case I took him for a walk outside to try to distract him and tire him out a bit, so he might sleep a little better. The last few days he hardly ate at all, so I bought him some new dog food, and he began eating again. Elaine and I were very concerned.

And yet all of you prayed for him, so we had good reason to be hopeful.

Today was the day for the “great unveiling,” and we took Munson to the vet to have his eye unstitched. The vet carefully cut away the stitches. Then he put some special dye in his eye that would illuminate green in the areas where there remained some ulceration. So what was the result?

There was no green at all! His ulcer was completely healed!

Oh, Elaine and I were so happy for the little fella. His eye is better! The doctor said the lens and cornea still need to heal, so he isn’t completely out of the woods, but with proper care it should be stable and reasonably healthy. Elaine and I now hope that his eye getting better is finally a turning point in Munson’s overall health. It would be great if he could have a couple of more years of healthy living we can share together.

When I asked the vet about Munson’s occasional nighttime whimpering, he said he may have just been looking for attention, and wasn’t necessarily in pain.

That little Munson! He was probably just playing me to go for a walk! Hah! I love having my funny, quirky Munson back. And thank you so much for all your prayers!

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  1. Lorraine Fischer says:

    Great news i am happy Munson is doing better.

  2. Bernard Mcloughlin says:

    I am glad Munson is doing better

  3. Ed deMartin says:

    What great news! You and Elaine are obviously overjoyed right along with Munson. Congratulations and give him some extra hugs from Marie & Ed

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