The Fascinating Cycle of Life

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I’ve recently become captivated by the cycle of life. Having been on the earth for as long as I have, and therefore being so close to death (!), I now have a unique perspective on life.

I have been taking our new puppy, Anderson, for walks outside. Actually, I don’t allow him to walk, because he can’t yet be exposed to where other animals have been. Until he completes his first four vaccinations, by about week 17, he isn’t supposed to be exposed to areas where other dogs have done their business. So to get both him and me some fresh air, I carry him around the neighborhood, as shown above in the picture to the left.

This immediately reminded me of when I recently had been carrying Munson around the neighborhood, as shown in the picture on the right. As you may recall, Munson needed to be carried because he had heart disease and arthritis, and could walk only very short distances.

So I carried Munson because of his very advanced age and many infirmities, and now I carry Anderson because of his very tender age and susceptibility to disease.

Ah, the interesting cycle of life.

Pets are very instructive when it comes to life because they are on this earth for a much shorter period of time than we humans, so with them we get to witness birth, to adolescence, to adulthood, to old age, to death in a compressed time frame. We are afforded a brief and fascinating window into all stages of life, and the heartwarming and heartbreaking aspects of each. For this reason, it is quite instructive for children to experience raising a pet, so they can begin to develop a broader comprehension of and appreciation for life. Of course, raising a pet also has the critically important benefit of teaching them how to care for another living being.

I know a lot of you lead very busy lives, and for that reason may feel a pet is impractical. However, there are a lot of good reasons to have a pet, not the least of which is that you will never feel as loved as you do by one of these adoring companions.

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