What I Respect Most About “American Sniper” Chris Kyle

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In the end, my story, in Iraq and afterward, is about more than just killing people or even fighting for my country. It’s about being a man.

Chris Kyle

If you haven’t seen the movie “American Sniper,” then I suggest you do. It was really well done and very compelling, and Bradley Cooper is excellent in the lead role.

Some people’s view of war, especially the Iraq war, might have them chafing a bit at some of the movie’s messages, but I think we can all respect Chris Kyle as a person. The qualities he exhibited that I admire most are:

Physical and mental toughness

Anybody who can complete Navy Seal training and four tours in Iraq has to be exceptionally tough. I am always particularly struck by the unusual mental and emotional demands placed upon a person in a theater of war. Kyle seemed uniquely suited to handling the enormous stresses of military training and war.


Kyle didn’t just kill indiscriminately, like some macho asshole on a rampage. Women, children, and non-combatants needed to be spared if at all possible. (Not much comfort to the military-age males in Iraq who found themselves in his sights, I agree, but then that’s war.)


There is a scene in the movie when Kyle is back home and he is thanked by a Marine he saved in combat. Kyle just mumbles something about how the Marines had their backs a bunch of times, so it’s no big deal. Kyle was very humble about his accomplishments as a soldier and sniper.

Sense of purpose

I believe all of us have a unique talent and I think it is really cool to watch someone simply be exactly who they were meant to be. Kyle was born to be a soldier and sniper, he made no apologies for it, and he was unbelievably good at it. As a result, he was able to save hundreds or thousands of young American lives in a time of war.


Kyle was a patriot. He loved America and would do anything to defend us and protect his fellow soldiers. I have great respect for this simple, yet important, attitude.

I was planning to keep this post apolitical, since like I said, I think people across all political spectrums can and should respect Chris Kyle, but I simply can’t help myself.

Considering Michael Moore’s comments about Chris Kyle, I would like to be a commander putting Moore through Navy Seal training. I think we would quickly find out who the real coward is. I’d have his fat ass “ringing out” and going home in no time. That would leave the difficult and necessary work of defending America’s freedom to the special and exemplary men and women who make up our Special Forces and the other arms of our military services.

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