People Who Live in Glass Houses Shouldn’t Throw Stones

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…and I believe we all live in glass houses.

There are a few guys at my gym who obviously use performance enhancing drugs. They are much more muscular than me, at least partly because I have chosen to stay more natural in my bodybuilding. Since I know use of these substances carries health risks, I have tended to think judgmentally of these people. “Why are they so vain? They should consider making better decisions.”

Then I realized I am being a hypocrite.

I had a cancerous mole pop up on my chest about 15 years ago. It was the most dangerous variety of skin cancer, called melanoma. My father had melanoma, so it runs in our family. Then just last year I had a squamous cell carcinoma removed from my upper arm. In spite of these warning signs, I have continued to tan when I am in Florida. Having a tan makes me look more defined and “cut,” and so I like to stay tan. But that tan could literally kill me at some point. It turns out, then, that I also a engage in risky bodybuilding-related behavior to achieve my personal goals, just like the guys at the gym I have tended to judge.

So I have decided to stop being judgmental of my peers in the gym, and instead focus on my own decisions.

Is it possible that you also judge others, and cast aspersions, when you engage in similar behavior?

Maybe you have a friend who you suspect uses cocaine or some other dangerous narcotic. You would never use illicit drugs, so you judge them. But maybe you drink too much, often binge drinking on the weekend, and occasionally drive drunk.

Or possibly you know someone who had to file for bankruptcy because they did not keep their finances in order. Yet you have not begun saving for your children’s college education or your retirement, and you have unpaid credit card balances.

Since we all live in glass houses, it might be best that we put down the stones we are so eager to throw at our friends’ houses.

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