The One Simple Concept That Changes Everything

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Spiritual Development-Heaven and Having Purpose in LifeLast week I did an admittedly somewhat depressing post on death that discussed how terrifying of an idea it can be.

I have to confess, with that article I was setting you up a bit (bad Tim!).

Certainly, living your life to the fullest is an excellent response to the reality that is death. However, an even more powerful concept is to believe in a wonderful, infinite existence after this life.

If you believe in heaven, and I mean completely believe, then death is no longer alarming. You know that you will be moving on to an ideal new existence, one in which you get to meet the Lord (!), be with all of your family and friends, and no longer experience any pain or suffering. And this lasts for eternity! How can you fear a prospect as awesome and wondrous as this?

And yet believing in heaven offers you even more than simply not having to fear death. It provides you, if you are open to it, with a completely different and better way of living your life.

As a true believer, you believe that God has placed you on Earth for your spiritual development. This is your entire purpose for being here. He placed you in a situation and role that is meant to provide you with opportunities to become a better and more godly person. God wants you to develop by deepening your faith, performing good works, and doing all you can to advance yourself spiritually to the next level. You also believe that when you go to heaven, God may eventually choose to have you take on another “assignment” here on Earth, one that could be even more challenging, again, to further your growth and development. So you need to continually prepare yourself for that possibility, making as good a use of your time as you can, each and every day.

Can you see how this changes everything, in terms of your attitude and how you spend your time?

With this perspective, when I am sitting next to someone on an airplane and they remark that they are nervous about the plane crashing, I think to myself, “I’m not afraid of that at all! Not only do I not fear death, since I will get to meet Jesus and many family and friends, but if He chooses to take me today, he must have a good reason. Why should I second guess that?” Then I nod off to sleep, knowing I am in the hands of The Great Comforter.

When I am challenged at work or at home with a tough situation, like being ill, or faced with a difficult person or project, I realize that it is for my benefit! How else will I improve and become a better person and servant in the eyes of God? Have you ever noticed that you never develop any favorable new character traits when things are going along easily, and how your character builds by leaps and bounds when you have to overcome obstacles? These should be welcomed and embraced.

When I wake up every day, I think to myself, “I’m not going to be here very long. Time is short! I’d better get on the stick and start believing more and helping more. I want God to be highly pleased with me. I want Him to trust me for whatever duties He might have for me later in life, up in heaven, or back here again on Earth.”

A few months ago I ran across one of my previous therapists in the hallway of the hospital I volunteer at and we chatted a bit. I happen to know she is a strong believer and has much faith. I casually remarked to her that I was happy, learning a lot, and developing as a person, with no mention of faith or religion. Her eyes sparkled as she replied, “That’s great! The whole idea is that we all want to get to heaven, right?”

Yep. It’s both as simple, and as important, as that.

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