Older People Are a Riot!

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Well, maybe not a riot, but at least entertaining.

The department I volunteer in at the hospital, Same Day Surgery, has a disproportionate number of older patients, simply due to the nature of the operations being performed there: cataracts, skin cancer removals, foot surgeries, etc. Also, older people simply have more health problems than younger people, right? So I spend much of my day with older folks.

Many of my family and friends have remarked to me, “Don’t you dislike working with old people all of the time? Aren’t they usually pretty cranky?” Well, I think they can be quite amusing. Here are a couple of examples.

I was discharging an elderly man and he happened to mention his wife. I asked him how long they’d been married, and he said twenty-five years. I expected him to be sentimental and maybe a bit proud, considering that he and his spouse had been together long enough to make it to their silver anniversary. Well, he had a slightly different take on it: “You know…looking back now, if I’d have killed her on our wedding day, at least I’d be getting out of prison about now.”

There has to be a Hallmark card with that lovely sentiment on it. I’m going to look the next time I’m at the store.

This next comment I received from an older fellow was even more acerbic, but entertaining if you’re good natured enough. Just yesterday I was about to discharge an older man and noticed his name was John O’Donnell. As I wheeled him out I remarked, “You’re a good Irishman like me. My name is Timothy McIntyre, and my siblings are Daniel, Patrick, and Colleen.” So he launches into this little gem: “Do you know where the ‘Mc’ in front of Irish names comes from? And the ‘O’? In the old days, if you were a direct descendant, they put an ‘O’ in front of your name to signify that. And if you were illegitimate, they put an ’Mc’ in front of it.”

So I said, “I might be missing something here, but did you just call me a bastard?”

He laughed, and we began chatting about something else. Aside from the weird “Mc” and “O” thing, he seemed like a pretty cool guy.

Then, when I dropped him off at his car, I just couldn’t resist. “It was a pleasure meeting you Mr. McDonnell. Have a great day!”

Nothing but hijinks with these older folks!

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  1. Leslie says:

    I can’t stop laughing!!!!!

  2. Michelle says:

    Thank goodness I’m Polish 🙂

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