I Hope Someone Offers to Pick Me Up When I Struggle

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A Munson 7As you know, my dog Munson is old and sick. He is doing much better than he was a couple of months ago, but he is still a “senior citizen,” with hearing loss, arthritis, a leaky heart valve, and bad eyes. My little buddy is a bit of a mess, to be honest.

In spite of his infirmities, or maybe because of them, I religiously take him for a walk every day. I figure the activity and fresh air will do him some good. I also love spending time with him, so off we go every day.

We don’t walk nearly as far as we used to when he was younger. When he was healthier we often would walk a mile or more, but now usually only 2 or 3 blocks.

Even with the shorter distance, he often struggles. Sometimes it is a little too hot and humid, and he begins panting heavily. Or he starts to limp partway through because his arthritis acts up or one of his joints won’t warm up properly.

When I see him struggling, I just pick him up and carry him. He seems to really like that—all of the same sights, without all the effort! I usually eventually put him back down, and see how he does. If he’s doing better, I’ll let him walk some more.

Today, he was panting and limping after the first 50 yards or so, and since he had already done his business, I picked him up and carried him the rest of the way, all around our neighborhood. Our neighbors probably think I’m a little nutty, but that’s okay.

As I was carrying my precious little doggie today, I couldn’t help but think that I hope someone is willing to carry me when I get older and struggle.

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