God Helps Those Who Are Willing to Help Others

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I’ve had several instances in my life when I had to choose between doing something I wanted to do or what would help others. I have found that when I choose the more selfless route, God often rewards me in some way. He seems to be inclined to reward people for their good intentions and faith in Him. Here are a couple of examples.

Recently we had out-of-town guests staying with us in our Naples condo, and they wanted to go to the beach the next day. They asked if I would drive and come along. I didn’t really want to go since I was busy that week and had a workout planned for that particular morning, yet I agreed to take them. It seemed the right thing to do. As it turned out, they later changed their minds, and I didn’t even need to go! I guess I had proven to God my willingness to put their needs ahead of mine, and He rewarded my good intentions by letting me off the hook.

I have since had other instances where out-of-town guests have wanted me to take them out for the day, like to a boat show or golfing or whatever, and I agree to do it, just to try to be a good host. In most of these such cases I go along with them and end up having much more fun than I expected, and so God rewards me by easing my path.

Just the other day I had to decide how many more weeks I wanted to spend mentoring my high school student. He is a graduating senior and I can discontinue mentoring any time I want at this point. Even though I’ve been getting weary of the one hour drive to get to his high school each week, I decided I would put in the final two weeks just to end my mentoring with him with dedication and show him I care enough to follow through. So I went to see him that day, and he said he was so busy with scholarship applications that he doesn’t have time to see me the following week anyway!

I could be wrong, but these turns of events seem like more than coincidence to me. I believe if you show God you are willing to do the right thing, He will more often than not make your burden lighter in some way.

My above examples of sacrifice are admittedly somewhat trivial, but there is a much more dramatic and significant instance of this idea in the Bible. In it, Abraham proves to God he is willing to sacrifice his son, and God relents:

God commands Abraham to offer his son Isaac as a sacrifice. After Abraham has bound Isaac to the altar, an angel of God stops Abraham at the last minute, saying, “Now we know you love God.”  Genesis 22: 9 – 12

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