Do Your Household Pets Have a CEO and CFO?

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Adoption day 4-21-16This may seem like an odd question, so let me explain.

Before we adopted our wonderful new pet Anderson, I read some books on dog care and training. These books emphasized that your newly adopted pet will be looking to you as their “pack leader.” In the wild, animals that are being raised from infancy to adulthood look to their parents as their pack leaders. Once they are grown, the “alpha” animals in the pack assume leadership. At all stages of their lives, animals thrive with a pack leader or leaders in charge.

So, books on dog care emphasize that owners like Elaine and I need to be the pack leaders of our little pack, which is in this case a pack of one: Anderson!

It dawned on me the other day specifically what roles Elaine and I will fill as Anderson’s pack leaders. Elaine will act as the Comforter-in-Chief. When Anderson is looking for compassion, warmth, empathy, and understanding, he will naturally gravitate to Elaine. I like to think of her as our CEO—in this case, Chief Empathy Officer. This is by far the most important role that needs to be filled.

I, on the other hand, will handle the day-to-day operations of the pack. I am good at making sure feedings, grooming, veterinary visits, and the like, are all consistently maintained, so I will be the Beastkeeper. I am also the one Anderson will look to for walks, playing with his toys, and wrestling, and so in this way I will also be the CFO—Chief Fun Officer!

Do your sweet and precious pets have one or more pack leaders, including a CEO and CFO? If not, I’m going to “drop a dime” on you and report you to the local humane society!

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