But For the Grace of God Go I…

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A Munson 6

I do not know how to explain why God’s grace is offered to someone as unworthy as me.

When my little doggie, Munson, needed to be put down a couple of weeks ago, I was devastated, as so many pet owners are when this fateful day arrives. We spend so much time with our little buddies, they are such an important part of our daily lives, they are so quirky and funny and innocent—having to take them in to be put down is excruciating, horrible, and simply unthinkable.

When I came back from the vet, worn out from the all of the pain and heartache and tears, I just felt lost. Utterly lost.

For the next couple of days I was terribly depressed. It was as though I had lost my center of gravity. I felt untethered. I was floating aimlessly, in a sea of sadness and grief.

I needed help.

So I asked God to please, please help me. And He did.

God provided me with perspective. I realized that I was a great parent to Munson, and had taken wonderful care of him. I came to understand that Munson would be up in heaven waiting for me, because all pets go to heaven. I realized that what Munson would most want me to do, now that he is gone, is to take good care of Elaine, his mommy. And most importantly, I felt the overwhelming warmth and support of God as he saw me through this difficult time.

During the easier times in my life, I tend to forget about God, neglect Him, and foolishly think I am fully in charge of my life. Then something like Munson’s passing happens, and there I am, back again, pleading for His help! In the past I would have felt bad about calling on God so suddenly and unexpectedly. I have since learned that God fully expects this. It does not make Him upset or mad. He knows we are foolish, fully understands our humanness, and is just happy when we come back to Him.

When we choose our own path, it is a mistake. When we finally realize the error of our ways, and even though we are completely undeserving, through God’s grace we are completely forgiven and welcomed back.

I feel tremendously humbled in the presence of such compassion and benevolence.

How lucky are we?

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TIM MCINTYRE retired in 2004 from his position as president of Applied Systems after facilitating a successful sale of the company. At only forty-six years old, he made the unusual decision to fully retire to pursue other interests and simply enjoy free time. As a hard-driving Type A personality, this turned out to be a significant challenge for the Notre Dame and University of Chicago-educated MBA, CPA, and Certified Cash Manager.

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  1. Lisa Fox says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss Tim. Pets and unconditional love. They are always there for us. I hope you’ll feel less sad soon.

  2. Annelle Paschal says:

    So sorry to hear about Munson.

  3. Mary McMahan says:

    Tim, I heard about Munson from Annelle at SCH. I can’t put into words how sad I am for you, I know you loved him dearly. I know Elaine also loved him, please let her know I am so sad for her. This is something we always know we may have to do, but the actual doing is heartbreaking. I will be thinking of and praying for both of you. Your friend, Mary

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