Allow Me to Introduce the Cutest Puppy on the Planet: Anderson!

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Anderson 3

As you know, my precious Munson passed away this past December. As horrible as that was, it has led to a wonderful new beginning.

Right after we put Munson down, we called his breeder to let him know the sad news. A couple days later I was viewing his website and noticed he has a waiting list for new puppies, since his Bichons are in such high demand. I emailed him right away and said we wanted to be on the list, even though we were still grieving the loss of Munson and would be for some time. We absolutely wanted another Bichon, there was no doubt about that.

Lo and behold, he called me right away and said he had a pregnant female, and we could have one of her puppies in a couple of months! Elaine and I were overjoyed.

Not only that, he told us that the mother, Angelita, and her sire, had already produced two litters of perfect little Bichons. He said they all had ideal proportions, cute faces, and dispositions that were sociable, fun-loving, and affectionate. And to top it all off, Angelita had champion bloodlines, since her grandfather was the famous “J. R.” (Just Right), who was the only Bichon to ever win Best in Show at the Westminster Kennel Club dog show!

Angelita gave birth to five puppies on February 16. On a somewhat sad note, two of the five puppies did not survive. The first was stillborn, and the fifth puppy was born too tiny, and only lived 14 hours. The breeder did all he could to save the last and smallest puppy, but to no avail. We all mourned the two puppies who would not get a chance to experience the world.

Thank God there still were three healthy pups, all males, which the breeder labeled puppies #1, 2 and 3. He has since sent weekly videos of their progress to us and the other two couples who will be adopting. While they are all cute and precious, Elaine and I immediately began to fall in love with puppy #3. Munson was small for a Bichon, at only 9 ½ lbs. as an adult, and very affectionate. Puppy #3 is much smaller than his brothers, and by far the most affectionate. He is such a licker, just like Munson! When the breeder pets him, puppy #3 licks his hand. Then if the breeder stops, he protests, and wants to be petted some more. He even sometimes licks one of his brothers’ ears and head, just to show affection and have something to lick!

So I emailed the breeder to let him know we were becoming attached to puppy #3, and that while I don’t know how his selection process works, can we maybe pick him? I just had to ask. He called me and said that both of the other couples also expressed interest in #3, and that if he was going to keep one of the pups for himself he would take #3, but that we could have him! He said it was a good fit, since #3 seems to be a reincarnation of Munson!

We picked him up on April 21st, and above is the picture of our sweet puppy!

We’ve decided on our puppy’s full official name, which always starts with the breeder (in this case, Showboat Bichons), followed by first, middle and last names. His first name will be my Mom’s maiden name (she passed away about 15 years ago); his middle name is in honor of his Champion great-grandfather; and, his last name will be my Dad’s last name, which of course is also mine and Elaine’s last name.

And so, with great pleasure, I introduce to you:

       Showboat’s Anderson “Just Right” McIntyre

I hope all of you like pets, because you will be seeing a lot more blog posts from me about Anderson, and his funny escapades!

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  1. Alise Ittner says:

    He sure is a cutie! He should have another middle name “lucky” as he has the best adoptive family!

  2. Kathy Long says:

    What a cutie!! Can’t wait to meet him in the fall!

  3. Lynn Crotty says:

    Welcome Anderson!

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