A Loving Tribute to My Wise and Funny Dad

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Dad 001My father was a Chicago firefighter and bricklayer/construction company owner. He was a hard-working, honest Midwesterner who didn’t take any crap from anybody. He was also a shrewd and instinctive businessman. And he could be hilarious.

So in tribute to my dad, who passed away three years ago, here are his top 10 sayings. I use them often in the course of my dealings with people, because they all have a lot of truth to them.

  1. “You can’t bullshit a bullshitter.”
  2. “To have friends, you first have to be a friend.”
  3. Said to my mom, after she praised a neighbor’s husband for being handy around the house: “A handyman can make everything except money.”
  4. “Don’t buy a lot of things that have motors, or you’ll regret it.”
  5. “You can tell someone works in construction as soon as you shake their hand. It feels like a bear’s paw.”
  6. “Figures (numbers) lie, and liars figure.”
  7. In response to a customer telling him he has a small, 15 minute job for my dad: “It’ll take me 15 minutes just to look at it.”
  8. “There are a lot of people in this world who have money, but a lot more who don’t, so consider yourself lucky if you do.”
  9. “You can’t make chicken salad out of chicken shit.”
  10. “It’ll either work right or it’ll work wrong, but either way, it’ll work.”

I really miss my dad.


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TIM MCINTYRE retired in 2004 from his position as president of Applied Systems after facilitating a successful sale of the company. At only forty-six years old, he made the unusual decision to fully retire to pursue other interests and simply enjoy free time. As a hard-driving Type A personality, this turned out to be a significant challenge for the Notre Dame and University of Chicago-educated MBA, CPA, and Certified Cash Manager.

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  1. Tina Thompson says:

    I love it Tim! Here’s my favorite comment from my father, that I use with my kids today, “Turn off the lights! What, do you work for ComEd?!”

    Miss him too.

  2. Deborah Mcloughlin says:

    God bless your very wise dad

  3. Colleen says:

    Oh, Tim this post is a beautiful tribute to our Dad. I remember when someone was helping him with something, Dad would say to the person “You are as handy as a pocket in a shirt!”. How cute… Or when you would say something insightful or humorous to Dad, Dad would look at you and say (very loudly) “You’re right, Tim!” Dad was always good at giving people credit. A sweet, lovely memory of mine.

  4. Bob and Ellyn says:

    Another phrase that sticks with me is ,”I have nothing to do and all day to do it” . He always made me laugh even if I was with him for just a few minutes. Great man!

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