5 Essential Style Tips for Women and Men

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Style Tips For Men and WomenWhen you go out on a Saturday night with your spouse or significant other you have a great opportunity to show him or her that you care about and respect them, and probably more importantly, yourself, by looking well-dressed and groomed, current, and attractive.

It’s so easy to decide not to bother. If you are still working, and possibly raising a family, you can make the case that you don’t have the time, energy, or money. If you’re retired, you might say that you “are who you are, take it or leave it.” Both of these attitudes are copouts. It doesn’t take that much effort or money to look a bit stylish, and your significant other will really appreciate you not taking them for granted. And you’ll likely even feel a little bit better about yourself and be more confident and happy.

So what are the 5 easy to implement keys to style for women and men? I’ll address the women first, so as to be a gender-sensitive male!

Women’s Key Style Tips

  1. Sexy shoes – Sorry women, but those uncomfortable high heel shoes are a major turn-on for us guys. If that is simply too much to ask, then choose something open and strappy, because that is also very attractive.
  2. Stylish handbag – This should be small and look expensive, but you don’t need to spend a fortune, since we guys don’t know most of the high-end brand names anyway.
  3. Tasteful accessories – Just a little bling in the right places, like the neckline and wrist, can be very fetching.
  4. Perfume  – When you stand close to your significant other and they smell that interesting fragrance, they’ll be immediately intrigued.
  5. Alluring hair – A different style for Saturday night tells us that you think “tonight is different and special.” We might in turn think, “What other possibilities does this night have?”

Now for those incorrigible and intractable males:

Men’s Key Style Tips

  1. Quality shoes – This might cost you a few bucks, but they will be worth it, and you only need two or three pair (black, brown, and possibly burgundy). An expensive-looking pair of shoes can turn an otherwise ordinary wardrobe of khakis and polo shirt into a high-style, upscale look.
  2. Sharp watch – This doesn’t need to cost too much—it just needs to be a good choice. Pick something that suits your personality: complicated sports watch, leather dress watch, whatever. It is the one men’s fashion accessory that is tasteful and attractive.
  3. Limited use of other jewelry – Saturday night is not an opportunity to wear every piece of jewelry you own. You don’t want to look like an alderman or a pawn broker. Trust me on this one.
  4. Cologne  – see #4 above.
  5. Well-groomed hair – Properly trimmed hair (including facial hair) is a must. And with the risk of offending someone, if you are over forty you also need to trim up that eyebrow, ear, and nose hair—when not trimmed, it looks ridiculous. Trim that sh&# up!

Women and men, if you do as I say and add some thoughtful style to your appearance on Saturday night, at the end of the night you might even get lucky!


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